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Seismic Response Evaluation and Design of Steel Multi-tiered Eccentrically Braced Frames

Abolfazl Ashrafi (Ph.D.)

Dr. Imanpour

Multi-tiered eccentrically braced frames (MT-EBFs) are used commonly in tall single-storey buildings such as convention centers, sports facilities, warehouses or industrial applications, in which covering the whole height with a single brace is neither practical nor economical. Due to difficulties in providing lateral support, instabilities can change the seismic behaviour and demand forces for the frame members. CSA-S16 does not have any regulations for the size of members in MT-EBFs. Numerical models and experimental testing are required to appropriately understand the behaviour and determine the design regulations for MT-EBFs. This research will give engineers guidelines to design a new system and researchers more data to comprehend the seismic behaviour of MT-EBFs.

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