Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering

University of Alberta

Edmonton, AB, Canada


The Steel Centre is a community of experts in steel design, construction, fabrication, and materials science. Steel Centre faculty members serve on CSA Standards committees and have published extensively in the field. The community also extends far beyond the university to include steel fabrication and erection experts and top-tier design consultants.


Dr. Robert Driver, P. Eng.

Steel Centre Director

Steel Structures

Dr. Ali Imanpour, P. Eng.

Assistant Professor

Steel Structures

Dr. Roger Cheng, P. Eng.

Professor, C.W. Carry Chair of Steel Structures

Steel Structures

Dr. Leijun Li, P. Eng.


Welding Metallurgy

Dr. Doug Tomlinson

Assistant Professor

Steel/Concrete Composite Systems

Dr. Yong Li

Assistant Professor

Reliability & Advanced Analysis

Dr. Yasaman Balazadeh Minouei

Post-doctoral Fellow

Steel Structures

Dr. Bo Dowswell, P. Eng.

Consulting Research Engineer - Birmingham, AL

Steel Structures

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Matt Jeppesen

Programs Administrator

Greg Miller

Structural Engineering Technician

Cam West

Structural Engineering Technician

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Dan Brockerville

Inducted 2017

Lucy Zhang

Inducted 2017

James Koch

Inducted 2017

Jenny Si

Inducted 2017

Mikaela Wrobel

Inducted 2017

The U of A's top steel structures students.


Safa Masajedian (Ph.D.)

Supervisors: Dr. Driver, Dr, Imanpour

Progressive Collapse Resistance of Composite Steel Frame Structures

Dimple Ji (M.Sc.)

Supervisors: Dr. Driver, Dr. Imanpour

Lateral-torsional Buckling Tests of Welded Wide-Flange Girders


Michael Manarin (M.Sc.)

Supervisor: Dr. Driver, Dr. Yong Li

Lateral-Torsional Buckling of Singly Symmetric Welded Three Plate Girders


James Koch (B.Sc.)

Supervisor: Dr. Driver

Asymmetry Factor of Singly-Symmetric Beams in Lateral Torsional Buckling


Daniel Unsworth (M.Sc.)

Supervisors: Dr. Driver, Dr. Leijun Li

Residual Stresses in Welded Girders


Ahmed Mowafy (Ph.D.)

Supervisors: Dr. Imanpour, Dr. Chui

Advanced Hybrid Steel–Timber System for Seismic Applications


Abolfazl Ashrafi (Ph.D.)

Supervisor: Dr. Imanpour

Seismic Response Evaluation and Design of Steel Multi-tiered Eccentrically Braced Frames


Isaac Derakhshan (M.Sc.)

Supervisor: Dr. Imanpour

Development of Simplified Seismic Design Guidelines for Steel Concentrically Braced Frames in Regions of Low and Moderate Seismicity


Pablo Cano (M.Sc.)

Supervisor: Dr. Imanpour

Evaluation of Seismic Design Methods for Steel Multi-Tiered Concentrically Braced Frames


Akram Zain (M.Sc.)

Supervisor: Dr. Imanpour

Seismic Performance and Design of Prefabricated Steel Braced Frames for Industrial Buildings


Daniel Brockerville (B.Sc.)

Supervisor: Dr. Imanpour

Evaluation of Pre-Fabricated Structural Systems in Canada


Ian Chin (M.Sc.)

Supervisors: Dr. Driver, Dr. Tomlinson

Standardization of Embedded Plates for Steel/ Reinforced Concrete Connections


Adam Coleman (M.Eng.)

Supervisor: Dr. Driver

Stability of Extended Shear Tabs


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