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Design of Moment Connections using Bearing Effects

Mojgan Yaghoubshahi, Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Steel Centre

Vierendeel truss is a cost-effective truss pattern compared to traditional trusses such as Warren or Pratt. In Vierendeel Truss, diagonal members are eliminated; therefore, fabrication details are considerably reduced and simplified. However, absence of diagonal members results in substantial bending moments in branch and chord elements. Hence, the connections cannot be considered pin-jointed. Chapter K of AISC 360 presents clauses for design of moment connections of truss elements made of Hollow Structural Sections (HSS).

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Structural Design of the Gerber Girder Cantilever System

Andy Metten, P.Eng., Struct.Eng. Partner: Bush, Bohlman & Partners LLP

The Gerber Girder cantilever system is a popular roof design system for steel buildings in Canada. The system produces material savings and reduces deflections and is popular for the design of roofs in many big-box retail stores. With cantilever girders the system has stability issues that are not present in roof framing systems containing only simple span members. The talk presents simple ways of looking at and addressing the stability issues in design and how the important knowledge of this system design is now being passed on and how S16-19 will include provisions to cover Gerber framing system.

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Winning or Losing - It can be in the connections!

Steadfast Eng. and Collins Steel

We all want to be a part of a project that is on time and on budget. In the world of steel structures, the steel connections are a significant part of the success of a project. Please join us as we discuss the many choices that exist when choosing steel connections, the economic factors to consider when choosing the type of connection to use, and some possible solutions to ensure the project can be a winner!

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Connection design with Qnect


Qnect, an intelligent, cloud-based connection app gives fabricators, detailers and engineers fast and flexible connections with significant cost and schedule savings. In minutes, users can connect most steel buildings without capital cost and with minimal initial training. For further questions, contact John Hines:

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Staged Construction Analysis and Steel Design in S-Steel


Steel Centre member S-Frame Software gives a guided lesson on Staged Construction Analysis and Steel Design in S-Steel

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CBFEM - A revolutionary method for steel connection analysis and design

IDEA StatiCa

CBFEM is a synergy of the standard approach to connection design (component method) and finite elements. It is a unique method for design and code-check of steel connections, members, and anchoring. It can be used to analyze the majority of joints, anchoring, and details of various topology while staying on the safe side defined by AISC, Eurocode, and other national standards. Thousands of engineers worldwide have adopted CBFEM within the software IDEA StatiCa.

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P-Delta and Nonlinear Analysis in S-FRAME


S-FRAME Software gives a guided lesson on P-Delta and Nonlinear Analysis using S-FRAME.

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Tekla Tedds


Trimble presents an overview of Tekla Tedds.

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Evolution and future of steel connection design

Steadfast Engineering

Steadfast Engineering presents a view of the steel connection process, with a case study of one particularly interesting design.

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Tekla Structural Designer


Trimble gives a guided lesson on Tekla Structural Designer.

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Calculating Connection Design Forces in S-FRAME


S-FRAME leads a seminar on calculations for connection design.

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Tekla Structures Session 3

BuildingPoint Canada

Part three of three. Available to U of A students.

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