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The Steel Centre imagines and transforms the future of structural steel design, fabrication, and construction.              



We are an industry-driven, student-centred education and research network dedicated to continually advancing the steel industry, engaging in interdisciplinary collaborative research, providing innovative education opportunities, and developing leaders of the future.


We challenge traditional boundaries.We are a collaborative community with uncompromised integrity.Excellence is in our DNA.We do cool stuff for the real world!

strategic directions

Build a culture of collaboration and trust

Develop a diverse network

Enrich the educational experiences of our students

Identify and seize opportunities that add value to industry

Co-create and communicate member value

A structural engineer is:

  • responsible for the stability, safety, and functionality of a structure, from the overall framing to a detailed connection

  • passionate about the impact that spaces can have on the way people behave, learn, and interact

  • accountable for understanding the behaviour of a structure – how do the forces flow through the structure and what are the potential modes of failure?

  • concerned with the conception, design, analysis, and construction of structural components subject to static and dynamic forces

  • aware that every challenge has multiple solutions and eager to explore the possibilities

our members

Students work closely with industry partners on real projects. They prepare reports and give presentations to senior-level executives; they get feedback and mentorship from practicing engineers to guide the research process.

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Want to be a member of The Steel Centre? Contact!

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