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Enhanced Design Methods for Wide-Flange Columns in Moment Resisting Frames Under Seismic Loading

Abrar Islam (M. Sc.)

Dr. Imanpour

Steel moment-resisting frames (MRFs) are one of the most desirable seismic force-resisting systems for the construction of building structures because of their high architectural versatility, use of long-span beams and significant ductility capacity. A common design practice is the use of deep wide-flange columns to efficiently satisfy stringent lateral displacement limits specified by building codes, resulting in a lighter structural system. Recent studies on deep wide-flange sections has shown undesirable failure modes in columns that develop plastic hinges at their base. Particularly, a lateral out-of-plane instability failure mode that can compromise the load-carrying capacity of such columns. This limit state is not properly addressed in current seismic design provisions. This project aims to develop enhanced seismic design provisions for steel wide-flange columns with a focus on the stability of deep columns. Advanced numerical simulations and full-scale laboratory testing will be used to evaluate the seismic stability of columns and propose design guidelines.

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