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Do you want to complement your undergraduate engineering studies with training in the latest industry practices? Would you like to have lunch with a designer or detailer of steel structures? What about seeing first-hand how steel bridges are designed and fabricated? These are some of the opportunities available to Steel Squad members. The Steel Centre’s partners offer special access to their facilities, personnel, and resources to enhance your education and help you become the best engineer possible. However, these activities are time-intensive and can’t be offered to everyone. The Steel Centre selects the most promising undergraduate engineering students and facilitates connections with the steel construction industry. Steel Squad members are the best-prepared to immediately jump into engineering jobs, and employers know it.


What is it?

The Steel Squad is the home for the University of Alberta’s top steel structures students. Membership is competitive and spaces are limited. The outstanding students selected for the Steel Squad enjoy a close relationship with structural engineering professors, industry executives, and other top representatives in the steel construction field. Selected students gain access to special tours and job shadowing opportunities, and naturally, Steel Squad members have a significant advantage in seeking employment at Alberta’s top companies.


Inside access

Special research projects, invitations to seminars, and close relationships with professors: it’s a winning combination to make the most of your education. Once selected for the Steel Squad, you are a member until graduation. Over time, you will come to know key players at Alberta steel construction companies on a first-name basis. You’ll be familiar with the workflow and environment of real engineering in the real world, even before graduation. It’s not an internship; it’s an ongoing multi-year relationship to further your education and training, and give you a leg up on a rewarding career.


How do I apply?

All University of Alberta undergraduate engineering students are eligible to apply. Once selected, you are a member until you graduate and you do not need to reapply each year.

For Fall 2024 applications, sign up below by September 13. You will receive an email with application instructions within 2 days.

Steel Squad - Expression of Interest 

Thanks! You will receive application instructions within two days.

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