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University of Alberta

Edmonton, AB, Canada

research as education

The Steel Centre has a goal that every student, including undergraduates, is involved in a research project. This hands-on experience coupled with outstanding education quality produces students that have a deeper, more natural understanding of steel construction. Steel Centre students work closely with partners from Alberta's leading companies to identify and solve real problems faced by the steel construction industry.

Steel structures research at the University of Alberta typically involves both large-scale testing in the I.F. Morrison Structural Engineering Laboratory, as well as computer modelling including high-fidelity applications. Steel structures research carried out at the University of Alberta has been influential in the development of design codes and standards world-wide.

Safa Masajedian (Ph.D.)

In a progressive collapse event, a single structural failure causes a disproportionately large collapse in the structure.


Chris Di Giovanni (M.Sc.)

The goal of Chris’ research is to determine the cause of cracking found in the welded joints of a steel platform structure af...

Victoria Buffam (M.Sc.)

Extended shear tab connections are efficient for both fabrication and erection as they eliminate the need to cope beams, and ar...

Riley Quintin (M.Sc.)

It is relatively common for torsional loads to be included in the design of members in industrial steel structures. An example of...

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structural engineering reports

The Steel Centre produces and publishes a large number of technical reports of use to structural consultants and members of the steel industry. A full list of available structural engineering reports, including a download request form, is available on the University of Alberta website.

Access Steel Centre structural engineering reports.

Improving design standards for wide-flange girder bridges

Dimple Ji (M.Sc.) | Supreme Group