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Steel Centre OutReach Engineering (SCORE) is a student-led engineering consultancy tackling real-world structural engineering problems in partnership with industry mentors.

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What can SCORE do?

structural design

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Client: DIALOG

SCORE worked in collaboration with DIALOG to design the new strong wall and strong floor for the renovation of the IF Morrison testing facility at the University of Alberta. SCORE was tasked to determine the loading, deflection and other criteria for the design of the new strong wall and floor and provide details for its construction.

Structural Design
Structural Analysis

structural analysis

Client: Collins Steel

SCORE provided finite element modelling and analysis to verify the design of several complex connections.

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Client: Canadian Institute for Steel Construction

Modelling and behaviour studies for single-overhang cantilever girders.

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software engineering

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Client: ALTAIR

SCORE developed a program prototype capable of linking Altair and IDEA StatiCa to conduct detailed steel connection analysis and design. The program automates the creation of detailed 3D finite element models of the connections within an Altair model. Details of a connection such as welds, bolts, and continuity plates can be modelled and designed much more efficiently.

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Software Engineering

how does it work?

1. A Steel Centre member organization submits a request for proposal to


2. SCORE prepares and returns the project proposal.


3. The member organization works with the Project Lead to complete the work.


4. When possible, the project team spends time working alongside the client in their offices for enhanced integration.


5. The Project Lead ensures timely, high-quality work amongst all SCORE participants and maintains effective communication with the client.

Score Relationship

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