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Dr. Robert Driver serves as Director of the Steel Centre. His research focuses on the design of steel structures, and has been featured in codes and standards across North America.

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Dr. Ali Imanpour specializes in seismic design. His current work is improving seismic guidelines for regions such as Vancouver and Seattle. Dr. Imanpour also co-supervises students in the Stability group, where large-scale physical testing is improving our understanding of lateral–torsional buckling.

Dr. Doug Tomlinson
supervises students working in steel–concrete composite systems. Current projects are improving the design of embedded plates and developing column rehabilitation methods.

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Steel Centre Director Dr. Robert Driver was elevated to the grade of Fellow of the Structural Engineering Institute (SEI). Dr. Driver is one of only five SEI Fellows in Canada, a mark of the significance of this achievement.

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At the Steel Centre, every student–including undergraduates– is involved in research. This hands-on experience coupled with the University of Alberta's top quality education produces job-ready engineers with a greater sense of real-world issues.


seismic design guidelines

for tall single-storey buildings

Warehouses, airports, and shopping centres often use a similar design consisting of concentrically braced frames. This project evaluates and improves design guidelines for better performance and cost effectiveness.

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The Steel Centre was awarded Academic Centre status by the University of Alberta's Academic Planning Committee, in recognition of having attained a superior level of development, leadership, financial planning, and a purpose that supports the University's mission. The Steel Centre is one of only three Academic Centres in the entire Faculty of Engineering.


residual stresses in welded girders

Lateral–torsional buckling provisions in structural steel design standards were developed using assumptions about fabrication procedures from decades ago. Now, a re-examination of these provisions is appropriate for welded bridge girders.

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Steel Centre OutReach Engineering (SCORE) is a unique student-run engineering consultancy. Students work with member organizations on real-world projects, experiencing first hand the proposal, design, and review process.

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The Steel Squad is an undergraduate-only cohort of selected highly motivated students. The Squad gets exclusive access to members' facilities, project briefings, jobsite tours, and training opportunities. 

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