Progressive collapse in composite steel frame structures

Updated: May 8

Safa Masajedian (Ph.D.)

In a progressive collapse event, a single structural failure causes a disproportionately large collapse in the structure.

Although conventional design of steel frame buildings is relatively well defined, recent building collapses have revealed the need to ensure that a localized failure will not propagate into a disproportionate collapse. This project mitigates the potential for progressive collapse of steel structures with composite floor systems using a combination of analytical and experimental techniques. Safa will perform a full scale experimental investigation of the progressive collapse resistance of a 1x1 bay frame with span lengths of 6.7 m. The research results will provide significant enhancements in the level of understanding of the design and integrity of composite steel frame structures for a corner column removal loading scenario.

This project is sponsored by the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC) and NSERC.



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