Stability response and design of steel cantilevered systems

Dr. Driver, Dr. Imanpour

Vahab Esmaeili


Cantilever-suspended span construction is a popular system in North America to cover single-story buildings. In this system, the girder of a typical bay is allowed to go continuously beyond the column in order to support the girder of the adjacent bay. Properly proportioning the cantilever span to the back span plays a pivotal role in making the bending moment distribution balanced. Consequently, lighter and shallower girders are sufficient to carry the same loads with considerably smaller deflections. Furthermore, this system is statically determinate which makes the design review much easier; and the simplicity of the beam to column connections results in faster fabrication and erection as well. All the above-mentioned benefits come at the cost of the challenges associated with the design of so-called Gerber systems. Despite the widespread application of the Gerber system, a unified design method has not been proposed by well-known design standards globally yet. This research program comprising theoretical, and experimental phases aims to provide new insights into the way the Gerber system behaves in the cantilever-suspended span construction; and the ultimate goal is to provide professional engineers with a reliable design method.

Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering

University of Alberta

Edmonton, AB, Canada