Development of a Modular Steel Structure for Multi-Storey Buildings

Dr. Driver, Dr. Imanpour

Akram Zain


Modular off-site construction technique offers several benefits over the conventional on-site construction. Thus, there has been limited research into modular steel systems' structural response, particularly their performance under Lateral loading. This research focuses on developing new steel braced modular system considering several factors like transportation, fabrication, and design. The proposed modular system is compared to a conventional construction method to evaluate the system's efficiency. Finite element analysis is used to investigate the structural response under lateral and gravity loadings. The results will help in more understanding of modular braced multi-storey buildings under seismic loads. This project will lead to extending the use of Modular steel buildings in new residential and industrial purposes, which will help enhance safety and quality and reduce construction time and waste.

Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering

University of Alberta

Edmonton, AB, Canada