Advanced Hybrid Steel-Timber Structures for Seismic Applications

Dr. Imanpour, Dr. Chui

Ahmed Mowafy


The objective of the research is to study the seismic behaviour of steel braced frames combined with a timber gravity system. There are several benefits of using timber, such as structural efficiency and clean environmental usage, by using steel it overcomes brittle failure manner of wood that lacks the capacity to absorb seismic-input. The main challenge in this system is how to develop beam-column connections with seismic dissipation capability between the steel and the timber part without having any local failure in the timber itself. The expected outcome of my project is to recommend the design procedure for this system with construction connection details, which can contribute to offer a viable and sustainable solution to resist lateral and gravity loads and push the practical boundaries for the height limitation of those hybrid buildings. The thesis work will play an indispensable role toward green construction and would have significant value in building a prosperous future for our community.

Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering

University of Alberta

Edmonton, AB, Canada