Seismic Response Evaluation and Design of Steel Multi-tiered Eccentrically Braced Frames

Dr. Imanpour

Abolfazl Ashrafi


Abolfazl completed his M.Sc. in Earthquake Engineering at the Sharif University of Technology, Iran, in 2015. Abolfazl began his Ph.D. at the University of Alberta in September 2017 after two years of experience as a Structural Engineer in a consulting company. His research aims to set the framework for the design of multi-tiered eccentrically braced frames (MT-EBFs) in which the braces intersect with the columns at least once between the diaphragms. MT-EBFs, a popular lateral load-resisting system in high seismic areas, are used commonly in tall single-storey buildings such as convention centers, sports facilities, warehouses or industrial applications. In such frames, covering the full height with a single brace is neither practical nor economical. Due to difficulties in providing lateral support, instabilities can change the seismic behaviour and demand forces for the frame members. CSA-S16 does not have any regulations to size the members in MT-EBFs. Numerical models and experimental testing are required to appropriately understand the behaviour and determine the design regulations for MT-EBFs. This research will give engineers guidelines to design a new system and researchers more data to comprehend the seismic response of MT-EBFs.

PHOTO CREDIT:Jesse Eric Edward Neitsch Thesis

Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering

University of Alberta

Edmonton, AB, Canada